Technologies and platforms

Over the past three decades we have worked with a range of technologies and providers. We are constantly evolving with technology, but listed below are some of our favourites.

Operating Systems

We have many years experience with both Windows and Linux hosted on premises and in the cloud.

Cloud Providers

We have experience and accounts with AWS, Azure (Microsoft) and GCP (Google) cloud environments.


We have extensive history in C/C++, PHP, Javascript (Node), Java, C# and have seen the evolution of these languages. Languages are tools and it is important to let the type of project and dependancy requirements dictate the tools, not just personal preference.


We love data. SQL query experts for reporting and analysis. MySQL, MS SQL, Sybase to name a few. Need big data at a large scale or want to go server-less? NoSQL is often the answer but needs an entirely new mindset to relational data to fully see the benefits. Ask us more about DynamoDb, Mongo and Firebase.

UI Frameworks

We have been extensively using Vue, Quasar and Bootstrap (as per this website!). These are well supported UI frameworks that allow parallel release to web and mobile apps.

Network & Security

We take security very seriously and always expect the worse. We will ensure encryption and secure storage of data and customer information in line with strict Australian privacy laws. We will always deploy restrictive network and IAM policies to avoid disasters.